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3 of Daash killed in Aleppo

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Aleppo- on 22-1-2016 Al-Nosra front and Ahrar Al-sham mercenaries have attacked at 4 am on civilian neighborhoods of Shaik Maqsoud from two axes, Janddol roundabout and Sheqaiyef neighborhood.


The mercenaries used heavy weapons and local made mortars. Also two groups of Al-Nosra front and Ahrar Al-sham have tried to sneak into Shaik Maqsood


neighborhood from Jandoul roundabout, but the two groups were seen by our units, accordingly, our units intervened quickly and a sever clashes blew up between our units and the mercenaries, where three of the mercenaries killed and many injured. The clashes are ongoing until this moment.

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