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The First Anniversary Of Martyr Canda Welat


To the media and public opinion!


In the first anniversary of martyr Janda Welat, we bow in tribute and honor to all martyrs of Rojava revolution and remember their memories, as well as we renew our oath to YPJ and YPG martyrs to walk in their path.





With her combativeness and active role in the revolution, comrade Janda, has become a symbol of free woman in Rojava, and scarified herself for the freedom of her people and her dignity.






By this she has become an example of struggling women in Rojava. Janda was one of the heroic figure in the rank of YPJ, and has always been in the very first front to defend the dignity of Kurdish people. Martyr Janda had a leading role in the battles, and by her struggle and brevity, she proved free women identity and ignite the flame of the struggle.




Her martyrdom was a great sorrow for us, as the first martyr in Aleppo, however, we as YPG and YPJ we promise that we not retreat on Janda’s path till liberating all areas.




General Command of YPJ- Aleppo

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