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To Martyr Sterk’s Patriotic Family


FILASH2At first we bow in front of the all martyrs of freedom who irrigated with their pure blood every atom of the homeland soil, and salute the struggle of our people from the south to the north and from the east to the west of the homeland, and with the warmest emotions, applaud unprecedented resistance in the history.


FILASH74Comrade Sterk estimated family;

As it is well known in the history of the Kurdish people since long time ago and till now, there are many examples of tournaments in all its aspects. In each stage of the escalation of the struggle to prove the identity of the Kurds and preserve their presence, we find that the girls and youths of the homeland stand against the attacks of denial and erasure with a high spirit of redemption in the most notorious war

to confront the enemy’s bullets with their chests without one moment of hesitation to reach this holy martyrdom.



And so on, Sterk was one of the comrades who proved her personality by herself within her comrades, and she was the source of faith and strong willingness for her comrades.

Comrade Sterk’s parents, relatives and the Kurdish people, we as YPJ share with you the critical emotions that you suffer now, and even if we are not beside you physically, losing a great comrade such Sterk hurts us, but still we are very proud being martyred for the sake of her homeland. Sterk has been and will be a sparkling star in the sky of the freedom.



Until we fulfill the targets of our people to gain its freedom, we promise all of the martyrs’ families that we will hold comrade Sterk’s weapon, and gain our freedom till the last droplet of our blood.

Once again, we send our revolutionary greetings to you and promise that Sterk’s blood and other martyrs will be avenged.




Women’s Protecting Units YPJ

6- February -2016

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