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Wrath Of Khabur Campaign For Liberating Al-Shadadi Region


YPJ QSDIn a completion of the first campaign launched Syria’s democratic forces to liberate the southern countryside of Hasake which started with the participation of all the fighting factions in addition to Asayesh forces in Jazira canton, forces of self-defense duty, social protection units and with a direct coordination with the jets of the international coalition, accordingly, Al-Shadadi liberating campaign has been launched on the evening of February 16, 2016 as “the wrath of Khabur”.
As it is known for everybody, Al-Shadadi region is considered as a strategic military base for terroristic organization Daesh (ISIS) where from which all of its brutal attacks against all of the components in Jazira canton start. Also Daesh launched all of its attacks against Tel Hamis, Sere Kaniyeh, Tel Kocher and other areas from Al-Shdadi region.
Moreover, Daesh terrorists were organizing harassment offensives against the Assyrian villages on the banks of Khabur river, where they kidnapped the peaceful Assyrian citizens. Therefore, the objective of Khabur wrath campaign is to end the presence of this terrorist organization once and for all, as well as saving all of the components in Jazira canton of their felonious acts and restore the stability to the canton.
Hence, we emphasize that the campaign of Khabur wrath is a humanitarian and immoral objective which is to punish the felonious ISIS’ gangs on their dirty acts against Yazidis’ girls and children, where they turned Al-Shadadi region to a slave-trade market to sell them.
To our people in Al-Shadadi region; Syria Democratic forces(SDF) has come to save you from Daesh terrorists you just asked, therefore, support us to defeat those terrorists by reporting their whereabouts and invite you to join our ranks to fight those terrorists. Also we stress to our people in Al- Shadadi to stay away from Daesh headquarters which are targeted by our forces and the international coalition jets for your safety.
Finally, we reassure for our heroic people with all its components that Syria Democratic Forces will continue to defend you. As we will move forward in fighting the terrorist organization and all the forces that target your presence and security and even the entire territory of the Syrian homeland.
The General Command of Syria Democratic Forces

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