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The name of organization: the Women‘s Protection Units, abbreviated as YPJ




DSCN0195_DxOFPSymbol: a red star designed on a green back round on

which YPJ is written in yellow capital letters.Women Protection Units (YPJ) is a basic military and national force centered on democratic society, ecology,and women‘s freedom.

They have protection line of defense against all attacksDSC01197_DxOFP faced by our society and our people and women in order to build democratic Syria and a free Kurdistan,  struggling against the military domination of male sexual system and his regime of religions, nationalism, science  and the patriarchal and government system that isFILASH (2)_DxOFP

serving themselves since five thousand years and the rapist of social values. It is the legitimate power of women that is carrying upon themselves the guarantee

of women‘s liberation and takes the selves regulation asDSC06147_DxOFP basis for themself without

distinction or discrimination between religions, languages, nationalities and races. Have a common and shared leadership within the People’s Protection Units (YPG). Where they organize andYPJ (14)

represent themselves within enough number in the general command, at the same time is a member of the People’s Protection Units (YPG). Takes joint decisions with the People’s Protection Units

(YPG), but the decisions about themselves areIMG_6400_DxOFP_DxOFP independent and it is terms of reference in the resolution, by conferences, extended meetings and the military council. The Women’s Protection Units operate tri-staff system of the basis of counties and they are formed on the basisIMG_6060_DxOFP of battalion, units and by function and jobs. Each member is working on a voluntary basis and in a spirit of national, moral and political and consciously safe guard national interests with legitimate defense and



awareness to break the bonds of slavery and the underdevelopment imposed on it. Facing all cases of rape sexual, physical, cultural and moral for the women, and the society, use their right in legitimate defense, has evolved of its troops out of hand tactics interim, gain self-discipline in all  circumstances and strengthen the struggle, operation, joint action to achieve victory, build a new culture and ethics in Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian and Syriac communities.




Any female citizen of any women ̓s categories in society and of any nationality, whether Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian, and Syriac can take their own decision and stand in the

face of all obstacles and difficulties, customs and traditions of retro worn, have the right to join theIMG_6087_DxOFP Women’s Protection Units after going to the competent authorities and received military and ideological training to be accepted to become a fighter in the ranks of Woman’s Protection Units. Wherever there is a practical area, on the implementation of the tasks and functions entrusted to it and to struggle at all levels for the awareness of the project on the basis of defense against various forms of

IMG_5919_DxOFPattacks on women and the under development imposed on it. On the basis of freedom of women, develop professional approaches and leadership skills in the interim tactics within the women forces. Be creative and cooperative to have the right to take their place in all fields on the basis of training process for joining all

the areas.The mechanism of regulation in the women’s protectionIMG_0845_DxOFP

units are the first force in the People’s Protection Units.Where Women’s Protection Units working with the ranks of the People’s Protection Units to organize themselves in the form of semi-independent with the  sexuality quota system that the ratio of not less than forty percent



(40%). They can organize themselves with larger percentage as well. They are protection power for women in the Rojava and Syria. They organize themselves to become the leading force for all the  women in the World.

Therefore, they are training and  educating women fighters in ‘’the defense academy of

Martyr Shilan’’ to acquire the ideological stand, style, the awareness and national conscious, military and the adoption of mental ecological democratic freedom to

build and strengthen intellectual character, to develop the art of fighting, war tactics and technical skills on the basic of legitimate defense approach to be able to rich

the level of professionalism.


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