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Nesrin Abdullah’s Response To Bouthaina Shaaban Claims


After consequent triumphs accomplished by YPG and YPJ against the terrorist groups, some officials in the Syrian regime fabricate false statements on the media saying that YPG and YPJ are our allies and they are coordinating with the Syrian regime in their attacks against the terrorists, in an attempt to …

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Wrath Of Khabur Campaign For Liberating Al-Shadadi Region


  In a completion of the first campaign launched Syria’s democratic forces to liberate the southern countryside of Hasake which started with the participation of all the fighting factions in addition to Asayesh forces in Jazira canton, forces of self-defense duty, social protection units and with a direct coordination with …

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The First Anniversary Of Martyr Canda Welat


  To the media and public opinion!   In the first anniversary of martyr Janda Welat, we bow in tribute and honor to all martyrs of Rojava revolution and remember their memories, as well as we renew our oath to YPJ and YPG martyrs to walk in their path.   …

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